Pinnacle boxing gloves 16oz


Crush your personal best! – Professional level protection for an unbeatable price.

Whether it’s a quick private training session, or leaving everyone in the dust in your next class, Pinnacle boxing gloves take care of all your striking needs. Sparring, bag work, pad work and drilling, the Pinnacle can do it all – making sure that you have the protection you need even when put through the toughest training sessions.

The Pinnacle Boxing Glove represents unbeatable value with the same high level construction as our top end models, but at an affordable price point. Made to the same exacting standards that all REVGEAR gloves are, you can rely on the Pinnacle Boxing Glove.

REVGEAR has worked with the top athletes and coaches in the business to create the perfect low cost, high value boxing glove that will take your striking game to the next level.

At under half the price of professional-level gloves but with many of the same features, this glove guarantees you’re on the path to success.